How To Put An Advertising Portfolio Together

Looking to put an ad portfolio together and get a job copywriting or a job as an art director? Good luck…you’re going to need it. To put an advertising portfolio together to get a job on Madison Ave is like finding the best creative jobs on the planet. In many ways, finding a job as a copywriter is as tough as becoming an actor…maybe harder.

When you put your book together to get a job at an ad agency, it can’t be like any other advertising portfolio. It has to be the portfolio that gets you hired…the advertising portfolio that gets you the job. It needs to sing your praises as someone who can dominate creative advertising from the word go.

If you are looking to become a creative advertising person, to become a creative director, or become an art director, then you had better create a great advertising portfolio and make sure nothing in your portfolio is in other applicants’ portfolio.

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Introduction to Studying Business & Management

The School of Management’s highly successful BSc in Business Management programme will prepare you for a variety of business-related careers. We offer the Business Management as a generalist variant where you have the freedom to design your own programme after completing the first year or with specialist pathways where you spend half of your time within the specialist field (which is recognised on your degree certificate). All the programmes share a common first year so you are free to change degree schemes or specialisation at the end of your first year of study.

We offer our programmes in a three year or four year format. Four year programmes have the choice of one continuous year in industry (in the third year) or two six month placements (in the second and third year). A placement helps students to focus on a specific career and gain real world experience. Many employers use placements as a way to screen potential graduate recruits – with many companies hiring former placement students upon their graduation.

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Does your copywriting bring your business to life? Does it delight, illuminate, persuade, entertain, seduce, surprise? With us, it will.

We’re MarketSmiths, an NYC creative copywriting agency. We provide startups, enterprise companies, and digital agencies with captivating copywriting services. Our team of talented writers craft strategic website content, shareable blog posts, engaging email campaigns, compelling press releases, delightfully readable brochures, snappy elevator pitches, and so much more.

Devoted to words that work, MarketSmiths replaces generic content with the careful strategy of words. You walk away with stellar content that does more than fill or blather: it engages, invites, enchants, and converts.

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Free Online Bookkeeping Course #1 – Introduction – Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Our free online bookkeeping tutorial/course. In this first video I answer why you need bookkeepers/why do you need to keep accounts. I also overview the course content.

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Sarah Townsend Editorial: freelance copywriter and editor (HD promo video)

Promo video for Gloucestershire-based freelance copywriter and editor, Sarah Townsend Editorial (

Video by Catherine Frowd ( Thanks to Adrian Malpass for permission to film at the GlosBiz breakfast, February 2016.

Big thanks for testimonials (viewable in full on LinkedIn) to Kieran Thomas, Managing Director, Priority IT; Amy Kemp, Director, Fuchsia Lime; Toby Stoate, Company Director, Clearwell Consultancy. 60+ more testimonials on LinkedIn:…

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Writer Jobs – Writing Articles For Money – Writer jobs exist on the Internet because of the many website owners that need to put quality content for the readers. Some webmasters either do not have the writing skills to add unique content or simply do not have time to do so. Every website needs to have some content to boost the site’s popularity so webmasters would go as far as paying others if the articles meet their standards.

If you have some time every day to work on a couple of articles, writer jobs might just be up your alley because they pay pretty well. You just have to make sure you are applying for a writing job that offers you to write topics that you are most passionate about. This is actually a nice thing because you can think of the things you are most knowledgeable in and see if you can apply them to writing. For instance, a car enthusiast should work for someone that has a car blog so you can supply lots of car-related articles.

Generally, you just have to make some interesting and unique content to impress the one that will hire you to write. Some people may request the article to be search engine optimized which can affect your writing style. Unlike essay or literary writing, you might be asked to place certain keyword phrases at the beginning, middle and end of the article. This is the most basic way of optimizing an article for the search engine so basic search engine optimization or SEO techniques shouldn’t give you too much of a problem.

Other people that offer writer jobs may ask you to become a ghostwriter. This is a bit more difficult because you have to study the articles currently available on the site that you will be contributing to. Ghostwriting involves writing for somebody else so you have to make sure the style and personality of your articles match the overall style and personality of the entire website. If you are applying for a copywriter position, you need to represent the entire company through each article.

Reading online articles and e-books is a great way to understand how writer jobs online differs from the offline ones. Once you are aware of the benefits of online writing, you can start small with writer jobs and then pursue a big career where you can some serious freelance writing or make your own blog and market it for advertisement revenue.

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Project Management Career & Training Tips For Beginners

Planning on a project management career? Looking for training and advice at a beginners level, but not sure how to start? Be sure to watch this informative video from containing 5 hot career tips for project management beginners. Plus, you’ll get some great project management training advice aimed at newbies in the project manager role.

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Internet marketing course: where to learn Internet marketing & how to learn to do marketing

Internet marketing course: where to learn Internet marketing & how to learn to do marketing.

Try my Internet marketing course apps on

If you are looking to learn how to do online marketing, try my Internet marketing course book helps you create a great online marketing plan and strategy.

Here is my full video-based Internet marketing course with 5 hours of tutorials:

The book should help you learn internet marketing, and is a great Internet marketing course. When you are done with the book, you should be a very good marketer.

In this tutorial I discuss my internet marketing course, and explain how to learn marketing, and how to do marketing effectively. You don’t have to look very far. I actually created tools and an internet marketing course for you to learn marketing. In the video I discuss two places where you can learn marketing.

The first resource to learn marketing is this YouTube channel. I have over 50 videos from which you can learn Internet marketing. The videos cover topics starting from what is marketing to topics covering how to do particular marketing techniques like SEO, paid marketing, inbound marketing, offline marketing, and much more. So if you watch my marketing videos, it is a great free online marketing course. You will become very good at marketing.

The next resource I recommend for where to learn marketing is the online marketing course on my mobile marketing apps.

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Since I created this video on my internet marketing course, I wrote a marketing book that is based on my internet marketing course. So if you are looking to learn how to do marketing, and you are wondering where to learn marketing, you should definitely try my book.

If you are wondering where to learn marketing, my course on the apps, the book, and Udemy are great resources.

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Online TOEFL Course: Writing Help This video introduces the writing section of an Online TOEFL Course.
The writing section of this Online TOEFL Course helps students improve to 24 or more points on the writing section of the TOEFL iBT exam. Skill-building lessons, practice tests, TOEFL iBT writing specialist feedback, and an error correction service help students improve their writing proficiency.

Skill-building writing lessons help students to decode, organize, and develop coherently written responses to the integrated and independent writing tasks.

Moreover, these important writing lessons show students what kinds of language-use activities they can complete before taking the TOEFL exam, thus ensuring that they will have the minimal academic English proficiency to reach their TOEFL writing goals.

In addition, students learn pre-writing strategies to help them manage their time effectively during the writing portion of the TOEFL exam.

Aside from having effective lessons, the writing section has 40 independent and 43 integrated writing practice tests–with feedback from qualified and well-trained TOEFL iBT writing specialists.

In fact, upon completing an independent or integrated writing practice test, a TOEFL iBT writing specialist will read and score the essay and then e-mail feedback to the student. Indeed, the writing specialist may recommend specific lessons in the Online TOEFL Course to help a student improve his/her writing proficiency as it relates to organization, word choice, grammar, and so on.

For example, Raza, who completed Integrated Writing Practice Test 16, had problems creating a logical organization, so the TOEFL iBT writing specialist recommended that Raza study writing Lesson 9 to reinforce his understanding of how to organize an essay while combining the main points of the reading and listening passages.

Hsu Fei, who completed Independent Writing Practice Test 12, had difficulty with word choice. Sometimes she confused similar words like further or farther, or, in other cases, she used basic vocabulary, limiting her ability to fully explain her ideas.

Of course, her TOEFL writing specialist picked on the word choice problem and recommended that Hsu Fei study Grammar Lesson 12, which focuses on the most frequently confused words in academic writing.

After the writing specialist noticed her vocabulary limitations, Hsu Fei was recommended to study Vocabulary Lesson 3-6, all of which are designed to help her develop her knowledge of basic and college-level vocabulary.

Some ambitious students, after completing an independent or integrated writing practice test, decide to pay for an additional error correction service the course offers.

In this case, a qualified TOEFL writing specialist will read, correct, and restructure the student’s essay so that it will score 30/30 on the TOEFL iBT writing section.

The student is sent the original essay plus the edited version with all the corrections. Then the student is sent a screen capture video explaining all the changes made to the essay. Finally, the student is given a list of lessons that should be reviewed.

This valuable error correction service has helped many students to see the writing errors they are making and how they can avoid them during the writing portion of the TOEFL exam.

In fact, here is a demonstration of how the error correction service works.

How can I save money on SEO copywriting services?

This week’s hot SEO copywriting tip answers the question: How can I save money on SEO copywriting services?

Good SEO copywriting isn’t cheap. The challenge for any business, large or small, is to build out great content. You’ve two options: learn SEO best practices yourself (or have somebody on your staff learn SEO) or outsource to (and invest money in) an SEO professional or agency.

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