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At Oxbridge Academy we offer a wide-range of excellent courses that will help you become a better professional. Our Business Management Courses cover a wide-range of business-related subjects such as:
– Labour Relations
– Computer Practice
– Sales Management
– Entrepreneurship
– Project Management
… and more!

We also have National (N4 to N6) Qualifications in Business Management, as well as International (ABMA) Qualifications.

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What is a Business Management Degree?

Jeri Retzlaff shares important information about business management degrees (

Jeri Retzlaff is the business program coordinator at Rasmussen College’s Mankato, MN campus.

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Career In Business Management | BBA Career Guidance | Business Management and Administration

BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) is a comprehensive three year degree course for somebody looking to make a career in management.

As a management aspirants BBA is the foundation course that will teach you the nuances that are required in a candidate to work effectively in a business organization.

Career prospects after a degree course in BBA is often bright. One can expect to land an entry level managerial jobs in banking, finance, I.T, FMCG, sales, marketing, and retail. However if one does an MBA from a top level b-school that is recognized by UGC and AICTE after his BBA, then chances to land better job opportunities become much higher.

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BS Business Degree/Business Management/Business Courses Online/Online College Classes

BS Business Degree/Business Management/Business Courses Online/Online College Classes

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Sports Business Courses – Career in Sports Management

( The Bachelor of Sports Business is designed to tailor busness careers to the world of sport.

It’s a Sports Business course that covers major areas including: Sports Management and Leadership; Sports Marketing and Communications; Sport and its Social Context; Finance, Accounting, and Economics.

The Australian College of Physical Education offers world-class facilities combined with a rich sporting and academic tradition at our home in the centre of Sydney’s internationally renowned Olympic Park.

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Address: 8 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, NSW 2127, Australia (less info)

Being A Business Major & Why You Should Consider It!

All about my experience as a Business Administration major at Marshall School of Business and what you can do to see if it would be a good fit for you! (plus what i’m doing with my degree)

Pleeease excuse the blue tint to this video–I am incompetent. That’s all ya need to know.

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MBA 101 – What is MBA? – Best MBA Lectures for Beginners / MBA Aspirants (#001)

MBA – What is MBA? What is Mastery? What is Business? What is Administration / Management? When Started MBA Program? What MBA Program Covers in 2 Years?
What Kind of Life You Can Expect During MBA 2 Years?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.
M – Mastery.
B – Business.
A – Administration.
– Most Popular course world over.
– MBA course was introduced in the late 19th century because of high-level industrialization and need for scientific management.
– MBA program Core Courses – designed to introduce students to the various areas of business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc.
– Two options – general business courses / select an area of concentration.
– Over the two years of MBA, you’ll study about various factors (laws, trends, markets, economies) that effect businesses and the running of businesses.
– Project Work – To expose to ‘real-life situations’ in an attempt to understand reality.
– There are a number of subjects which simply broaden your perspective about everything.
– An MBA is a pretty intense program.
– Studying at good MBA institutes actually becomes a pleasure. Meeting deadlines and completing projects becomes enjoyable. Most importantly, you make some excellent friends, and develop as an individual on the whole.

Introduction to Studying Business & Management

The School of Management’s highly successful BSc in Business Management programme will prepare you for a variety of business-related careers. We offer the Business Management as a generalist variant where you have the freedom to design your own programme after completing the first year or with specialist pathways where you spend half of your time within the specialist field (which is recognised on your degree certificate). All the programmes share a common first year so you are free to change degree schemes or specialisation at the end of your first year of study.

We offer our programmes in a three year or four year format. Four year programmes have the choice of one continuous year in industry (in the third year) or two six month placements (in the second and third year). A placement helps students to focus on a specific career and gain real world experience. Many employers use placements as a way to screen potential graduate recruits – with many companies hiring former placement students upon their graduation.

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Study Business Management at FIDM College

Learn more about this exciting major:

If you’re interested in running a business or even launching your own company, our Bachelor of Science Degree Program offers you the opportunity to develop all the necessary skills and knowledge.

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Jobs with a Business Management Degree

Jeri Retzlaff touches on the wide variety of jobs for business management degrees (

Jeri Retzlaff is the business program coordinator at Rasmussen College Mankato, MN campus.

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BSc Business Management Programmes at Birmingham Business School

Find out about studying the BSc Business Management Programmes at Birmingham Business School, hearing from current students and the lecturers involved with the programme.

The video also explores what life is like living and studying at the University of Birmingham, with insight from international students and a look at the facilities, accommodation, clubs and societies available to University of Birmingham students.

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For more information on the Department of Management


CAREERS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT .Go through the career opportunities of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job openings,Higher education details of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.
The field of International Business Management is hectic, time consuming but very lucrative. Here you have the golden opportunity to establish a reputation in society, handle business trades and travel all over the world. You can pursue a career in this once you are done with college. There are several job opportunities available in the field of international business management. Some of them include international accountant, international economist, import and export compliance specialist, international banking, management analyst etc
To become an international accountant, you have to be good in accounts first of all. So make sure you’ve paid attention during your entire accounts lecture. An MBA in the field would help as well. The company will also require your expertise in understanding the currency exchanges and tax laws. In this field, you will have to learn how to analyze and create financial statements for other countries. Second comes international banking. Here you will have to work at a local bank. Here you will be handling foreign accounts and conducting important business here. If you would like to become an international economist, you will learn how to examine new trends and create new projects. However, you can never enter the job market as an international economist. You will always have to work your way up to it through promotions. Next is management analyst. Here you will have to take care of economies, projections and go through the latest trends. An import and export compliance specialist is required to maintain the imports and exports, its compliance within both domestic and international law.
No matter which filed you pick, it is important to get an MA and an MBA done. Also you are expected to be good at both mathematics and accounts in order to excel in international business management. Once you have entered the job market, there is no way you are going to be disappointed. You will meet the best clients, tour all over the world, attend business meetings etc. Not just that, this field pays you lavishly too. According to a couple of surveys conducted, people can earn up to 91 thousand dollars a year. Sometimes the salary also goes up to 118 thousand dollars. Management analysts and top executives earn the most. However, you always have to be prepared to work hard and put up with work load because it is always extremely hectic.
If you want to do an MBA in international business management, here are some of the top universities you should definitely apply to this year
• School of Business Studies, Sharda University
• G.L Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management
• Amity International Business School
• Institute of Business Management and Research
• ASM Institute of Business Management and Research.
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***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.

Review of the Penn Foster Business Management Program Lee Whitten is a Penn Foster College student in the Business Management Bachelors Degree Program. Here is his penn foster business management review.

Develop your business management knowledge and get the background you need for a business management career with the Penn Foster College Business Management Program. Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management quickly and conveniently.

Associate Degree Program In Business Management-Ashworth College

At Ashworth College, we pride ourselves as being truly international institution, with students from all over the world pursuing their education online through a variety of accredited college degree programs.

To learn more about the Ashworth College Associate Degree in Business program online, please visit:

What can you do with a business degree? Business administration degree jobs, Careers in business

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if you’re wondering what jobs you can do with your bachelor’s degree in business or MBA then stay tuned as I run you through your career options in this quick video.

It’s been estimated that 40 per cent of graduate vacancies do not ask for specific degree subjects. A business degree will have helped you develop a range of transferable skills that you can bring to any job.
This is great news as it means that earning a business management degree isn’t going to tie you down to one job for the rest of your life. There are a variety of career options open to you once you have the proper knowledge and training under your belt.

Now watch the video for the top 9 Business Administration Jobs and Careers you can expect to choose from after you get your business degree. Many of these are entry level needing only a bachelor’s degree but getting an MBA will increase your employability and scope for promotion.

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