My Experience with Online School (Pros and Cons)

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This is about my opinions and experience with online school. All opinions are my own.

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10 thoughts on “My Experience with Online School (Pros and Cons)

  1. ahhhh, ur so beautifil and pleasant 🙂
    thanks for da tip 2 make sure credits transfer. this is very impirtante

  2. Can you finish high school faster by taking online school because I really want to graduate and go to college at a younger age. Does it depend on the person and is it possible??

  3. which online school do you attend, I've been looking into different online schools. Also your super pretty

  4. Hello everyone! I have been receiving many comments and questions about online school lately… so, I am planning on answering as many questions as I can in an updated video about online school. This will most likely be a Q and A video, so send me your questions! 🙂

  5. So I would really love to do online school, cause I'm more independent I don't really like talking to other people, my mom says her only problem is that there's a lot of paperwork, but I don't know if that's true. Can you tell me if there's a lot of paperwork involved in doing online schooling? Thanks.

  6. what is the process of doing online school if you are in public school the year before what did you have to do.

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